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3855 Holcomb Bridge Rd. Suite 300

Norcross, GA 30092

770-447-0208 (ext. 101)

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The Most Effective Ethnic Advertising
in Atlanta and Georgia
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The Most Popular Russian Publication
in Atlanta and Georgia
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The Russian-speaking population of Atlanta should be a component of your marketing plan. If it isn’t, it is time to make a change!

Why focus on the Russian consumer? Russian-speaking consumers have disposable capital just like everyone else in Atlanta. In many cases they have more of this income as they often earn salaries higher than the norm in Atlanta. However, companies fail to market to Russian-speaking people in Atlanta. By doing this they are missing out on a consumer base that is dependable and loyal to good businesses. Therefore, if you give this community the products and services it desires, it will continue to do business with you. RussianTown Magazine links businesses directly with the Russian-speaking people all over the metro Atlanta and we are read throughout the state of Georgia. Our publication is free so we reach Russians from all areas of the city and from different income levels

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Huge Readership

RussianTown can help you grow your business and realize the success that you have envisioned!

Untouched Market

Free publication that links the Russian-speaking community with the rest of the metro area

Targeted Audience

Russian Town provides a road for your company to reach these Russian-speaking people

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The First Edition

of our magazine was published in 2004

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Clients Testimonials

We recently relocated to the Atlanta area from Dallas. We heard that the real estate market here was

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Rick G., Real Estate Broker

My restaurant runs weekly promotions and we get more customers on those

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Teresa P.

My cosmetic surgery practice has been able to stay afloat with a low number of

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Thomas S., Managing Surgeon

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